Power Of The Pack

Trying to survive loneliness in the best of times can be difficult for some but now with lockdowns and quarantines due to the Coronavirus, this could get even worse. We are a society used to freedom and doing what we want when we want 24 hours a day.  There was always something open, places to go people to meet up with.  But as we see, hear and are living the current situation Coronavirus has quickly changed all that for us! It is going to be temporary but while waiting for all to turn back to normal, isolation and loneliness could become our new besties if we aren’t careful. It’s important to know how many studies have shown how friendships in women are vital to our wellbeing and this is especially true for women 50 and beyond. There is an incredible connection between depression and loneliness in women over 50. 

This is why female friendships are just so essential and can be the key to happiness in women 50 and beyond.  It’s just as important as eating well and exercising according to studies. It is a vital part of life for us 50year old baby boomers we just love to connect and laugh and have fun while sipping on that glass of wine with our girlfriends. What can we do now to keep up that connection while being quarantined? Well on the brighter side of things with today’s technology and some inventive there is no reason we have to feel alone without our girlfriends and here are some tips on what you could do in a moment like this.

Take an online course

We all still have dreams, they never expire, and most likely up to now you’ve never had time to work on them so sign up for something that interests you and you are passionate about and get a group of your friends to sign up to and make it a girl thing and just have fun.

Create an online book club

There is a reason why Oprah has one, it’s an amazing way to connect   with your girlfriends and exchange opinions on what you liked or didn’t like about the book you have just read and yes you could even make this a skype night a have your glass of wine together, why not!

Pick up the phone

You may be feeling lonely but most likely one of your girlfriends is lonelier than you sometimes that one call can make someone else’s day which will make you feel over the moon doing something for someone else. Just remember to choose those girlfriends who lift you up and leave you feeling on a higher vibe than before.

Start writing a journal or a blog

It’s a great way to inspire other women just like you and fill in the void and express yourself through words and touch the lives of others.  You can even get inspiration from your girlfriends on things they would like you to write about make them a part of this too.

Turn on your favorite music on

Turn it up and dance around your home nothing makes you feel better and puts you in a better place than fun, groovy music that just makes your day shine more than ever before.

Remember loneliness is a state of mind that comes from forgetting what makes you happy. Let’s not allow this Coronavirus take away any of what makes us happy let’s just modify and get creative on new ways to stay connected and not alone.

Take care my lovelies stay safe and heathy, be strong and stay positive and stay connected.

Sending lots of love and good vibes only.

Traci xo

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