“Before having Traci as our spas Personal Stylist/Personal Shopper our clients left our spa feeling great on the inside and pampered and cuddled but I realized they needed more.  With Traci I undrestood that feeling good on the inside also comes by looking good on the outside. That how you dress and how you look also effects how well your day is going to go.

Traci is creative and fun and has a great relationship with my clients. She is very professional and really brings out the best in whoever she meets. Her uplifting, positive energy and her talent for style and of course her international flair are why my clients, and myself, love and trust her.

She brings out the best in my clients understanding body shapes and style easily, she gives women confidence and helps them to look their best increasing their confidence and making them feel empowered by how they dress.

From the time we started collaborating with Traci I can say our clients leave our spa looking and feeling amazing from head to toe, inside and out. It is a service that our clients love and can not get enough off. Whatever my clients needs are I know and trust that Traci is the girl to go to when it comes to Personal Styling and Personal Shopping.  And of course this is also why Traci is not only my clients Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper but mine as well.”

Carmela CrocettiManager of Le Bonheur Centro Estestico