I first noticed Traci on Instagram and started following her. I noticed how beautiful she looked for her age and loved her confidence and the way she carried herself. My instant thoughts were that she was so stylish and that she really embraced her own unique style. I thought to myself that I really wanted to feel and ooze the confidence that Traci did and that I wanted to embrace and find my own unique style that expressed everything about who I am and what I want to achieve. What you express on your outer body and style manifests who you are on the inside. I saw that Traci was experienced and knew what she was talking about and instantly wanted advice from her to help me find my own unique style. 

Traci is a kind, genuine person who wants you to be the best you can be and has guided me to me to find my own unique style that expresses and represents the woman I am today.

I would recommend her to anyone who needs to find focus and guidance in their unique expressed style. Traci will help you come out of your shell and really express the inner self that wants to shine.

Jennifer Baing-Waiko

Public Figure/Business Woman, Papua New Guinea

Traci and I met over 3 years ago working at a styling event in Dubai and have worked together since then. She is exceptional and very creative, as well as fun to work with. Traci is very passionate about what she does and has incredible styling skills as well as being an expert in her field of fashion. She lives and breaths her mission to help her clients look and feel their best at all times no matter their age.

Lou Stokes

Style Consultant / Confidence Coach

“Traci…. I had always seen her, but never had the chance to meet her in person until a few years ago. I always noticed and admired her look, at times casual, at times elegant, multi-chic, full of particular and creative details, and such a refined look. To myself I always thought how fantastic she is!

I have always loved her style so much that I wanted to be able to create it for myself, my own image, a personal, particular style made just for me. Then one day I broke the ice and asked Traci for help and we found ourselves standing in front of the doors of my long, confused and messy wardrobe for the “Wardrobe detox”. I wanted to go all in, throwing everything away and start from scratch with Traci, my first personal stylist.

With a lot of patience and professionalism, and care she helped me reorder my clothes, shoes, accessories, colors and creating so many combinations of looks with the clothes I had that I never could have imagined or put together without her help.

While changing and trying on clothes, putting on and taking off heels, we had fun between one change and another. A lot of laughter and amazing feedback, made the hours we spent together go by so fast and made it a really fun, unforgettable experience. She was able to analyze and enhance my personality, defining a style that is appropriate and coherent to the woman I am today. She also showed me an excellent reorganization of the clothes in my wardrobe, for easier use at the time of need, thus avoiding wasting time.

Her simple, useful, practical lifestyle tips have been of great help to me, also strengthening and improving my self-esteem. It was everything I needed. And in the end the beginning of a mutual friendship. With the tools and feedback Traci gave me I will be redoing my wardrobe, taking into consideration every time her advice when making new purchases.

Traci is not the Personal Stylist I would recommend to everyone, but only to those who are truly wanting to upgrade, improve their personal style to make changes, women who want to empower themselves through dressing and increase their self-esteem, professionally and personally.”


“Before having Traci as our spas Personal Stylist/Personal Shopper our clients left our spa feeling great on the inside and pampered and cuddled but I realized they needed more.  With Traci I undrestood that feeling good on the inside also comes by looking good on the outside. That how you dress and how you look also effects how well your day is going to go.

Traci is creative and fun and has a great relationship with my clients. She is very professional and really brings out the best in whoever she meets. Her uplifting, positive energy and her talent for style and of course her international flair are why my clients, and myself, love and trust her.

She brings out the best in my clients understanding body shapes and style easily, she gives women confidence and helps them to look their best increasing their confidence and making them feel empowered by how they dress.

From the time we started collaborating with Traci I can say our clients leave our spa looking and feeling amazing from head to toe, inside and out. It is a service that our clients love and can not get enough off. Whatever my clients needs are I know and trust that Traci is the girl to go to when it comes to Personal Styling and Personal Shopping.  And of course this is also why Traci is not only my clients Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper but mine as well.”

Carmela Crocetti

Manager of Le Bonheur Centro Estestico