3 Rules Every 50+ Woman Should Break Right Now!

When you are in your 20’s and 30’s there are very few rules when it comes to dressing when you hit 40 there are a few more but once you hit 50 and beyond it’s just like WOW and if you listen to all of them there really isn’t much we “older” women can wear!! It can be so confusing and sometimes even very funny what someone- would love to meet her or him- has decided what us 50+ and beyond women can or can’t wear. 

This is why im here to share with you my top 3 rules every 50+ and beyond woman should break and a.s.a.p. in my opinion!


 When I first read this I immediately thought of my bathing suite, am I not allowed to wear one now cause it’s pretty difficult NOT to bare your knees in one! Looking in the mirror at my knees I just kept asking myself what is so wrong with my knees that I can’t wear a skirt or shorts above my knees? I have nothing to hide of course they are not like when I was 20 but I’m still pretty dang proud of my knees and will continue to wear skirts, shorts and swimsuits with ease and grace as I have always done even before 50!

Wearing Trends

 Now that I’m 50 I guess I’m not allowed to wear what’s on trend for the up and coming seasons. My only options are khaki pants and white shirts and classic simple blue jeans- which I don’t even own as my wardrobe is anything but simple! LOL! I love fashion and I love trends I may not wear them head to toe but I love having those fashion, seasonal pieces in my wardrobe to add to my capsule wardrobe. Nothing adds more personality and style to my capsule pieces than a fashion top, bottoms, shoes or bag. Fashion pieces are an easy picker upper for me they just make my grey clouds turn blue. This does not mean that I go out and buy out the stores filling my wardrobe with trends, it’s really the opposite I just get a few pieces and no bursting my budget. When it comes to trends I love buying at Zara, H&M their price points are so reasonable that even if I don’t wear it after that season or it doesn’t last I’m not heartbroken as I know I haven’t invested much money on them. Some of my fashion pieces can last me more than one season. I already know some of my fashion pieces I will still be wearing this summer that I got two years ago.

Hair and Color

 Now this is a rule I break every time I go to the hairdressers and will continue to break for probably as long as I live and that is coloring my hair every color that looks good on me and love and not what is as they say “appropriate” for my age. My hair is my favorite accessory, there is nothing I love more than trying new cuts-short or long- and new colors and that can be anything from silver to grey to violet and my all time favorite pink!! Now I know that not everyone wants or would even like to color their hair pink but I’m just here to say when it comes to hair you don’t have to cover up your grey like they say and color only neutral shades- if that’s what you love then amazing but if you want to show off your grey or sliver hair then do it- and really look at how many younger women actually pay a lot of money to color their hair silver it’s a huge trend now so if you’ve got it naturally show it off!!

In closing ladies as a personal stylist I’m not saying that we shouldn’t dress for our body shapes, color or personality but what I am saying is that just because we are 50 and beyond the rules of what we can or cannot do because of our age are sometimes out of the park as far as I’m concerned. Age is just a number and should never define how we dress, feel, or look. It’s different for everyone that’s for sure and that’s the beauty of it all and that is what fashion is about. Have fun with your styles, we don’t have to become fuddy duddy or classified as over the hill!! We are only at the Half Time of the game we still have so much more to play. Remember to be proud of your number and the woman you are today and as always, be Unapologetically You!!

If you want to hear more of rule breakers jump on over to my YouTube Channel there are a few more there for you. 

Sending lots of love,

Traci xo

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