Welcome to the En Vogue Stylist

Traci Jeske is the director of En Vogue Stylist, and an internationally certified Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper and graduate of the Sterling Style Academy in New York.
Traci offers each client a unique Personal Stylist service, starting with a detailed “kiss goodbye or keep” hands-on session in your own wardrobe – prepare to learn what works for you, and what doesn’t, what’s a keeper and what you need to discard!
I can turn your nightmare shopping experiences…
into a fun, relaxed and enjoyable experience where you can be sure that by the time we leave the stores you will have what looks good on you, is perfect for your body shape, suits your personality and lifestyle and helps you to create a perfect capsule wardrobe.


This seasonal service includes my popular Wardrobe Detox session. We will start with what you already own and evaluate the clothing that is right for you.


Shopping Session

This popular session is perfect for those wanting a special look for a special occasion or for those wanting to fill in blanks in their current wardrobe.


This monthly service is perfect for those who need a bit more than a seasonal update.

1-1 Style Coaching

I will show you through my step-by-step system how it is possible for you, no matter your age, your size or your lifestyle to look and feel fabulous and be Unapologetically 50.


Want to add an international flair to your everyday wardrobe or while travelling on vacation or for work and want to take some time out for shopping?

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