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Are you 50+ and feeling a little lost right now in your wardrobe and life?

Don’t know what suits you in your new chapter?

Perhaps you’ve spent your whole life prioritizing family, kids grown up, divorce, new purpose or the ‘change’ is giving you more than just hot sweats.

I hear ya! As a mum of 2, wife for over 20 years, I too have dedicated so many years to taking care of everyone but myself and putting my dreams on hold. 

For many years I have been focusing on personal styling, personal growth and dream manifestation, with the purpose to not only look good on the outside but feel great on the inside too and I want to help you on that journey too. 

There is no reason why you too can’t wake up, jump out of bed with joy and purpose, excited to start your day.  Living and being the woman, you have always dreamt to be.

That’s why I have created my online program From Drab to Fab.

I will show you through my step-by-step system how it is possible for you, no matter your age, your size or your lifestyle to look and feel fabulous and be Unapologetically 50.

What’s included?

  • Body shape and colour analysis 
  • Wardrobe Detox 
  • Personal Presence 
  • Virtual Shopping & Style Support
  • Your dream day manifestation

My goal is to empower you in all areas of your life and look amazing while doing so. Looking and feeling good no matter your number has never been so easy or fun.

Go From Drab to Fab.
Are you feeling fed up with looking into your overflowing closet
and having nothing to wear?

Do you have outfits or pieces of clothing that have never been worn and still have the tags on them? Is it difficult for you to choose clothing that suits your body shape and lifestyle?

Do you dread going shopping or just don’t have time? Or find yourself spending hours shopping but finding nothing or buying pieces that don’t mix and match with anything you have?

As a Personal Stylist I am the answer to all this and so much more. I can turn your nightmare shopping experiences into a fun, relaxed and enjoyable experience where you can be sure that by the time we leave the stores you will have what looks good on you, is perfect for your body shape, suits your personality and lifestyle and helps you to create a perfect capsule wardrobe. Saving you time and energy in every moment of the day. No more opening your closet and having nothing to wear, together we will make sure you have the perfect look, perfect for you, perfect for every occasion.

If you are a tourist here in Italy and don’t know where to shop or want to have a taste of shopping on the one and only Via Montenapoleone in the fashion center of the world, Milan, or Via Condotti in the beautiful ancient city of Rome, or Le Mercerie in Venice one of the most romantic cities in the world. As your Personal Shopper, fluent in Italian, I can have you experience La Dolce Vita here in my home away from home…Italy.

3 hours

Personal Shopping Session

My popular Personal Shopping Session…

is perfect for those wanting a special look for a special occasion or for those wanting to fill in blanks in their current wardrobe. It is often combined with my popular Wardrobe Detox Session making sure we get everything necessary to create a perfect capsule wardrobe.

  • Pre session questionnaire and chat to understand more about you.
  • Coffee consultation the day of your session to set expectations for the day
  • Chosing a location of your choice that best suites your lifestyle and needs to go shopping at
  • I will teach you how to make the right clothing choices based on body proportions, color, personality and lifestyle
  • Completing every look with accessories including shoes, bags and jewellery
  • A wonderful, fun filled, magical shopping experience that you will never forget!
  • Photos to remind you what goes with what and how to mix and match looks that we have chosen
3 hrs at your home

Wardrobe Detox

This seasonal service includes my popular Wardrobe Detox session.

We will start with what you already own and evaluate the clothing that is right for you.

  • Pre session questionnaire and chat so I can understand more about who you are so I can make sure your clothes are perfect for you.
  • Consultation on what will suit you best based on body proportions ,color and personality.
  • Going through each item in your wardrobe to determine which items are working for you on every level and which are not
  • Showing you how to create new outfits from the items you already have and creating a mood book
  • A shopping list of items needed that will fill in the gaps of your current wardrobe

VIP Package

This monthly service is perfect for those who need a bit more than a seasonal update.

If clothes are just not your thing or you dont have time to think about them, I can be your Personal Stylist girl to go to. I will save you time and money by carefully creating daily looks for you including the necessary accessories to complete and refine each look. the perfect wardrobe is also this. You wont have to worry about getting the latest looks or filling in holes in your wardrobe. As your daily Personal Stylist I will create a capsule wardrobe and daily looks taking you everywhere from the Boardroom, to Parent Teacher Interviews to that Star Stunning Red Carpet Event!!

This package includes 9 hrs per month plus a 3hour once a year wardrobe detox session

  • Pre session questionnaire and chat so I can understand more about who you are to make sure looks and outfits are perfect for all your needs and your lifestyle.
  • Initial Wardrobe Detox 3 hours at your home-toss it or keep it!
  • Body shape and color analysis
  • Initial Personal Shopping session to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe
  • Preparing outfits for everyday of the week based on weekly needs and events
  • Travel in style whether it be for business or vacation packing for you
  • Shopping Sessions 3-4 hrs per month

International Shopping

Are you tired of shopping in the same shops on the same streets in the same cities?

Want to add an international flair to your everyday wardrobe or while travelling on vacation or for work and want to take some time out for shopping?  If you live abroad and want to hire En Vogue Stylist in your city she has her bags packed ready to meet her clients shopping needs even abroad.

En Vogue Stylist has the shopping experience to take you to Madison Avenue and 57th street or to SoHo in the Big Apple, to the famous Champs Elysées in Paris, to Bond Street in London not only for high tea but some amazing luxury shopping, to the Fashion Avenue in the worlds biggest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall or after a day of surf n sun she will take you to beautiful Kalakuaua Street in Honolulu Hawaii.

And this is just to start. The international shopping package, whether En Vogue will be travelling with you or meeting you abroad, is a fun and fulfilling experience in which you can be sure you will be bringing home unique purchases, whether its local designers or limited editions, that are perfect for you and only you. From New York to London to Paris to Dubai, or any part of the world, En Vogue Stylist will meet your International Shopping needs.

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